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almost 9 years ago

Updates for Day 2

We had a great kick-off today! 22 teams were formed to create civic solutions to our country’s problems, and Team Mentors were assigned.

What To Do Tomorrow:

  • Tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM: Please bring your CNIC and name badges with you. Come to UG Block (across the fountain courtyard from where we were today).
  • Idea Leads: Please create a submission draft at by clicking “Enter a Submission” on the right. Add your team members to your submission project team.
  • On the agenda for tomorrow are some important Workshops, explanation of Judging Criteria and Submission Rules, and Team Mentoring.Find a list of publicly available datasets and read through the Judging Rules at Please feel free to use datasets other than this list.
  • Once you know your Team Mentor, be proactive in following up with him/her for guidance.

We have a great session of workshops lined up for you tomorrow, to be followed by civic hacking and mentoring!