•   over 8 years ago

Intelimation - An Intelligent Automation Project

Energy crisis is one of the biggest problem Pakistan is facing at the moment. And still we are wasting a lot of energy due to poor electricity management at our homes and offices.

“Intelimation” would be a very cost effective solution based on the concept of ubiquitous computing to cater power management issues and will result in better energy consumption and lower electricity bills.

The basic idea is to automate usage of every single appliance, from a light bulb to a heavy duty air conditioner. Why should we let any electrical appliance consume energy at times when we really don't need it?

With the use of an intelligent automation algorithm and motion/light sensors we can achieve a very effectively managed power environment.

Just think how much life would be easier if you can set lights in your lawn to turn on after sunset and turn off at midnight when you no longer need them. Or if you can set your office appliances to start when you enter your room and shutdown automatically after you leave office?
And how would it be like to be alerted if you left your iron switched on and guess what you can remotely switch it off from your phone over the Internet.
And how about getting reports and graphs about your electricity consumption at month end, and know how much energy was consumed by which device so you can tweak its operating hrs to best match your needs.

So “Intelimation” will help both the end users, in terms of low electricity bill and full control over their usage, and the government obviously by improving the overall energy consumption.


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