•   over 8 years ago

Service that makes social media (Facebook and Twitter) consumable for civic applications

Need: We understand that the biggest barrier that our civic apps face is that of entry (i.e. making people use them); there is a need for advertisement. Where as social media is already deep rooted in our society and already boasts a huge user base.

Solution: We propose a solution that bridges this gap between applications and users. Our system (acting as Software as a Service) would scrap data from these social medias and transform it in a consumable manner, so that already existing civic applications can use them.

Use Case:

1. This application can serve as an alternative source of information that can be used by the civic application can give projection to the issues faced by people of Pakistan. "Empowering the Voice"

2. This is an "Open-Data" initiative that if continued can have a huge data source readily available for all research and educational purposes.

3. Categorized data can be used for reporting purposes for the higher-ups of the government and public alike.


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