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Women and Tech: Zariya - Women's Safety and Incident Reporting App

Build an app that leverages access to technology to tackle 1) under-reporting of violent crimes against women and 2) to enhance entry to justice. Women facing violence often fear seeking out help, due to stigma and difficulties of determining how to access help. Secondly, legal cases go on for years in the courts. In sensitive cases, justice is about timeliness. Justice delayed is justice denied. Better laws and mission-driven NGOs are coming into place. The app should enable women to anonymously report and immediately & safely connect with service providers via telephonic conversations. Following first-instance connections, a woman can pave her justice journey. Service providers may include: police, legal aid, psychologists, hospitals, banks, NGOs.

Sponsor: Code for India


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    While such an app can be really useful, it would be a good exercise to thing of 2-3 different use cases of the service, and build an application around it.

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    It would be interesting to see this specific use case:

    1. A traumatic event occurs
    2. The client sends an sms to a number e.g. "Mujhe Zariya Chahiye"
    3. The client receives a call back and is directed to the right institution to help with the situation. This can be something that they walk through by using their touch tone pad on their phone e.g. Press 1 to talk to a Doctor, Press 2 to talk to a lawyer etc

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