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Alif Ailaan Prize for Best Data-Based Education App: Crowdsourcing public/private school performance

Create an app for parents and citizens to rate schools (government and private, all grades) based on facilities (building, toilets, running water, electricity, etc) and resources (teaching staff, support staff, teaching aids, teacher capacity and diligence), cleanliness, availability of playground, handicap accessibility, teacher/student attendance, but also raise qualitative issues such as teacher-student engagement, extra-curricular activities, corporal punishment.

Sponsored by: Alif Ailaan


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    Are you looking for Android App for Crowdsourcing public/private school performance. Some pre-defined sample schools data can be helpful for app. Let's discuss.

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    I think it would be worth thinking about the features that users of the app would like before thinking about the underlying technology. Would people be able to rate schools only, or could they use the app to submit pictures and evidence about how good or bad the facilities in the school are? What are the key metrics that you would use to rate how good or bad a school actually is?

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    Sounds like Yelp for public/private schools which would be awesome. Can we add other stats such as home prices by school rating, crime map by school area etc?

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