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Tracking school infrastructure

Although primary and secondary education is critical for Pakistan's growth, the lack of infrastructure in early education means that most rural and urban schools are understaffed and/or don't have the required facilities to provide a decent education and learning environment. What are the barriers to developing an application that allows NGO's and government agencies to track the progress of schools (toilets, access to drinking water etc.) in a province/district?

Submitted by: Syed Mohsin Ali, Shahzaib Pervaiz Akhtar, Zain Ul Abideen, Muhammad Umair, Amin Ullah

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    I'm not sure what the barriers are but there are various ways to help:

    1. Crowdsource the data - provide incentives through gamification for students/parents/teachers/school staff to report this information. It would also be cool for people reporting these to be instantly gratified with a notification or some reward e.g. karma

    2. Build something that makes it easy and interesting for NGOs or government agencies to go out into the field, take pictures and tag them with relevant fields and make it super easy to track things like location, time etc.

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