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Crowd sourced government info portal

Let's create a platform (website/mobile app) to ease the communication between public/community and government departments. Government and legal processes are so cumbersome and hard because of involved complexities e.g. House transfer to your name, passport, HEC Doc attestation etc. Most of us don’t know about the procedures, processes and required documentation for this problem. We need to go back and forth to the government officials, get all documentation completed. This online platform will guide community about the procedures and processes using crowd source Knowledge platform and incident reporting.


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    Interesting idea but i think it needs to be focused and refined a little because punjab government has launched an app for such procedures to help citizens - Asani Markaz App. Most of these processes are now being digitized and becoming less complicated.

    I think your idea can be focused on legal processes becuase people face difficulty in this area. Another idea can be a website which offers to connect people with relevant lawyers at suitable fee from a network of lawyers. We can verify the lawyer credibility and act as middle support to connect clients with lawyers.

  • Manager   •   over 8 years ago

    We'd encourage you to consider redeploying www.kprehnuma.info -- https://github.com/ebadullah/Rehnuma

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    That's something really needed along with it perhaps just a simple directory with all government official numbers at one place.

    But before crowd sourcing it I believe a basic list of numbers and topics needs to put in with the base app. Something to get the people to start getting in. Some content to start off with.

    Perhaps have a data journalist on the team.

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