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Road policing tools v2.0

How often do you get pulled over while driving only to realize that you don't have your official documents on you? How does the police constable determine whether your documentation is credible/the car belongs to you/is not stolen?

Is it possible to design a tool that allows the traffic police the ability to cross-reference information gathered on the road with a known list of stolen cars/offenders? What are the potential bottlenecks for this technology (technical & nontechnical).

Submitted by: Umair Israr

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    We would need:

    1. The ability for a police officer to take a picture of a drivers license and plate. The police officer can also sms the plate number and drivers license number to a phone number and get
    2. The image gets sent to a backend server which processes it and reports back to the police officer in real time what the status of documents is.

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