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Online reservation system for public transport

How feasible is it to design an online system that allows consumers a one-stop location for buying tickets for different public transport systems i.e. intercity buses/trains etc. Could such a system be made cash-less?

Submitted by: Rakhi Batra


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    I think is providing this service but it is not that extensive as your idea suggests. Can someone explain cash-less system?

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    @Sarwat Fatima Cash less systems are payment systems that allow a customer to pay the cash electronically
    1) By tapping the card/band/etc with embedded chip( which stores the customer's credit information i.e Bank account information) on the card scanner.
    2)By creating account online (with account/credit information provided and authorized) and then paying cash by just entering online credentials in the portal which automatically deduct the required cash.

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    It is very feasible to implement such system by considering the points below
    -> All public transport systems should have an API and/or online information which provides with current transport times and available passenger seats.
    -> It can be made very feasible by making all public transport companies register online and making a large database/etc which records schedules.
    -> The consumer end should contact the transport system(i.e the online database/records) to check the available routes and seats.
    -> Finally the consumer can pay the dues using the cash less system(mentioned in above post)
    ->The consumer can install the Application on the android /IOS device/PC/Mac or use Website and buy the ticket.

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