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Crowdsourcing accident information

Given the ever increasing traffic situation in major cities, the incidents of traffic related accidents is on the rise. Can you use a mobile service (website/sms/application) to crowdsource information regarding the time and location of the accident to the relevant emergency service provider? How sustainable would such a solution be?

Submitted by: Saad Khan & Muhammad Saqib


  •   •   over 8 years ago

    I want to add to this idea. Is it possible to somehow collect information of drivers/cars involved in hit and run situation? Maybe somehow taking the picture of the culprit or license plate of car so that they can be captured and fined.

  •   •   over 8 years ago

    Interesting idea, how would you ensure that such a system of identifying hit and run drivers is not misused?

  •   •   over 8 years ago

    why not integrate this bit to the general traffic updates?

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