•   over 8 years ago

Spell check / auto-complete for Roman Urdu

Texting is quite easy when you're doing it in english. Half the words are guessed, and typos are automatically corrected. But texting in roman urdu, is a real pain.

The problem can be solved with a mobile app that provides spell check / auto-complete for most roman urdu words, the same way that it happens for English.

This will make texting more accessible to the masses, and may get them interested in technology.

Looking for 1) A designer, for doing the logo, graphics, and UI. 2) A senior android developer experienced with Java, maven, generics, interfaces, etc.

I will do the core spell check, make it available as a .jar, and an app developer can hook into the API to provide the suggestions / spell check within the app. If we don't get an app developer, then I will do the app as well.

This is a hard problem, and we may not be able to finish it in 2 days. But it will be fun to try!


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