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Gamified Volunteering System - Driven by users for users

Use case A:
A user signs up and gets 10 karma points.
The user can ask for help from the community say. Someone help me move my couch for 10 karma points.
User B helps him and gets 10 karma points from User A pool.
The more karma you have the more favours you can ask

Core Loop B:
User A wants to donate food to the poor and needs someone to help with the delivery.
He gives X karma points for it.
User B Helps and gets X karma from User A.
User A & B both get X/2 karma from the moderator.
Core Loop C:
User A needs 5 people to help him clean the highway after the storm.
User A puts up a request. Mod accepts it (or 5 people vote and its accepted)
Request is on board. Karma is decided by mod or user.
5 people sign up.
All get karma and user A gets karma for initiation.

Gamification and rewards:
Acheivements [ People Helped, Jobs completed, Hours spent on side work, hours spent on bla bla ]
Karma leaderboards
Volunteer appreciation gifts
Eid giveaways for volunteers
Yearly donations for charity of the top 10 karma folks.


  •   •   almost 9 years ago

    We're interested in working with public space and there is a greater probability the gamification approach can be incorporated with a program the encourages the citizens to take ownership of their public spaces of their neighborhoods. Let us know if you're interested in working with us.

  •   •   almost 9 years ago

    We've got a team of our own. I'm not sure if you can be part of multiple teams but I'd love to help you guys out with gamification.

  •   •   almost 9 years ago

    Very interesting idea, how about also letting NGOs and volunteer organizations put up favours for a certain amount of karma points?

  •   •   almost 9 years ago

    That's a really great idea we are thinking of integrating this into the FFFF idea into what you've commented on. Essentially build that system and then expand it to involve volunteering in it.

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