•   almost 9 years ago

Blood Donors Directory (Gamified)

Most of us have seen posts or posted, donated or received a blood donation through social media in the last couple of years. There is a need for a practical directory where people can be linked with donors and vice versa. Here is a solution

A blood donors directory that actually works. Every member has to be an active donor and can only ask for bloody with Karma you get karma every time you donate blood and you lose karma every time you request for blood.

You sign up to the website with the receipt of the donation you gave its verified and the account is open. If you need blood an SMS is sent to 5 donors and they respond using the system. If that doesn't happen with the hour another five to 5 more donors and numbers are exchanged. Once donated the donor or the user confirms and karma points are added to the donor and taken out of the user.

On top of that use the board for emergencies in the city and blogs and all the pretty pink @#$% with the cherry on top.

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