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Crowdsourcing real-time traffic information

Develop an app that allows for the live and anonymous logging of GPS from users that decide to opt-in. Develop an algorithm that determines the overall amount of road traffic based on the GPS data and overlay that on top of a map for visualization. Think of ways to gamify the experience in order to increase the users and hence the data coming in. What innovative applications could you use this data for?


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    Right now a lot of people put in their updates on twitter and there are accounts with quite a bit of traffic like (12k)

    Creating a GPS based algorithm determining traffic is quite a bit of work on its own, then getting people on the platform is another task.

    If the algorithm bit is left out and only twitter or facebook public updates are scraped after say 5 minutes and updated that could work too.

    People can also manually add their updates or the already existing twitter accounts could be promoted.

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    Something like this

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    SMS based subscription to such a service might be more effective than internet based. There are whatsapp groups which share such information and time bound scraping as well as intelligent tagging/classification will be an important factor to use it

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    I think this is definitely something that islamabad needs. Waze or (google does this for the US mostly). An SMS based subscription sounds good too.

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    I am also interested in this idea. I have generated some thoughts and put this idea

    Lets meet up and discuss more. My cell is +92-3335119522 (Waqqas)

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